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Start Our Healthy Wellness Plan

The best way to ensure a safe, comfortable and healthy home!

Does your AC keep up with the heat? Is your energy bill sky high? Our healthy Wellness Plan can fix these problems and prevent others from happening…

Our Healthy Wellness Plan not only includes all the benefits from our Physical Precision Tune-up, but it includes something worth Celebrating.

  • One Emergency Service Call
  • Increased Efficiency - Stop overpaying the power companies! You don’t have to pay more than you have to for your share of energy consumption by keeping the systems clean.
  • Priority Service Emergency Response Team - Everyone has an emergency button on their cell phone. Put us on there and your comfort comes first, everyone else gets in the back of the line.
  • 2 Annual Inspections - We will make sure that your air-conditioner continues to run at factory fresh conditions by servicing them twice a year: Spring and Fall.
  • Discount Pricing - You don’t have to pay full price for repairs anymore. You get discounted pricing on all parts and services.
  • Discounted Service Calls - Save 20.00 on all service calls, unlimited !!!
  • Refrigerant - You get 1st lb of Refrigerant Free with maintenance inspections
  • Transferable - Need to move? No problem, Take it with you to your new home. Or sell it to new home owner.
  • Unbelievable Savings - With more than $300.00 in savings
  • Water Heaters and Electrical - All these benefits are all extended to both water heaters and electrical.

Act now and get your homes health back in shape with our Healthy Wellness Plan that will cover your homes air-conditioner, water heater and electrical needs.

New customer prescriptions special $149.00! and $19.99 for each additional system.

Fill out this form to get started and schedule your first Physical Precision Tune-up or call for more details.

Summary of Benefits and Features

  • 1 service call per system 70.00 value
  • 2 precision tune-ups per system 130.00 value
  • 10% off equipment
  • 15% off parts
  • 49.95 dollar service calls verses 69.00

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